Cathedral of St Martin, Leicester

The church of St Martin, now Leicester Cathedral, is central to the old part of the city, and to its recent claim to fame – the discovery and reinterment of the body of King Richard III under a car park opposite the Cathedral which was found to be the site of the former Grey Friars Abbey, sadly destroyed in the Reformation.

This has led to a regeneration of the Cathedral grounds with paving, sculptures and garden. At the western end is a sculptural series of panels depicting

Inside you are greeted by a large box probably dating from the 15 century.

Then a display of the pall emblazoned with his coat of arms and used on the coffin of the King as it was processed through the city for reinterment in the Cathedral and a replica of the crown that was distinctively his.

Looking east towards the nave altar a new bishop’s chair,with the high altar and stained glass window at the far eastern end beyond the new tomb of Richard III.

The new bishop’s chair.

Southern side-chapel window and altar.

Chapel rereads detail.

East window.

High altar and east window.

Two new stained glass windows in the northern side-chapel by Tom Denny are inspired by the life of Richard III and intended to make us reflect on the stories of our own lives. In each of the two windows scenes of struggle and grief in the side panels are complimented by messages of comfort and light in the central light.

Finally – the tomb of King Richard, reinterred here in 2013. Very stylish.

A well used door leads out to the north side.

In the Cathedral forecourt to the south, new areas have been paved and gardens planted amount old grave stones.

The statue of King Richard, crown in hand, has been relocated to the forecourt.

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