Sheffield – a surprise visit

The surprise was on me because my friend Jenny, who I went to visit in Sheffield doesn’t live there. She lives in Leicester, 70 miles away. I could have gotten off the train an hour earlier. I have no idea how I thought she did live in Sheffield, but she had never been there. She too had to come and stay in the same hotel. We laughed and she booked me in for a brain scan to see if it hadn’t been extracted while I was in Russia.

Stainless steel water wall at the station.

A sketch of the Leopoldo Hotel where we stayed.

The spookily quite Square behind the hotel where we often found ourselves alone.

The cathedral of St Peter & St Paul.

The Cathedral has been altered over the centuries as indicated by the different colour shadings above.

Our guide, Derwent.

An Advent candle of stainless steel.

Jenny and the bell from the HMS Sheffield.

A polished steel font.

‘Christ over Sheffield’ by David Hepher.

I liked the modern pews.

Sheffield has trams but hardly and people or cars – very spooky. But the people you do meet are extra friendly, so we must be up north.

This horse statue seems to have too many legs.

Turns out to be ‘Horse and Rider’ by David Wynn’s 1978. Some describe it as ‘man on horse’ but I think they need glasses.

We found a nice square with fountains.

And the Sheffield Winter Garden.

And an architecturally interesting car park.

Most importantly, and slightly improbably as it was behind our hotel in the Square, but two floors up a dark staircase, we found a great restaurant and there were other people there.

The company and the food were excellent.

We had ‘Hanging Kebabs’ – delicious. And Pina Colada desserts.

There was a man who played the pianist who sang.

One comment

  1. Paul

    Sounds like a top class restaurant.
    I guess the pricing was commensurate.

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