‘A Comedy about a Bank Robbery’

The Criterion is a theatre right on Piccadilly Circus. It has a small foyer and is largely below ground. The stairs have very smart wall tiling.

I have seen plays ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ and ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ and they were quite enjoyable. This play was produced by the same people but does not use the ‘goes wrong’ formula. Pity.

The average age of the audience was about twenty, still the play has been running since early 2016 so it must have something going for it?

Wrong. It was a pastiche of old vaudeville jokes sandwiched together and relentlessly repeated as if you might have missed them the first time.

“That was a terrible thing to do, Neil”.

everyone kneels. *repeat relentlessly*


“For the past three years he has been abroad”.

“You mean he’s been a woman for the last three years,”


I couldn’t wait to escape at interval.

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