Hansard – the play

I don’t want to give too much away about this excellent new play by Simon Woods, his first I understand. I absolutely loved it. I do hope he continues writing. Playing at the National Theatre.

A two-handler starring Lindsay Duncan and Alex Jenkins, both of whom gave great performances – him as a politician in the Thatcher government and her as his disillusioned wife. Very funny, acerbic and clever dialogue with an apt storyline about Conservative politics then and now.

It is on NT Live and will come to a cinema soon (if it hasn’t already).

I walked back to the Club from the theatre I walked across the Golden Jubilee footbridge to Charing Cross Station on a delightful London evening.

I needed some sustenance, so I visited Wagamama in Covent Garden for some Gyosa and a Jasmine Bellini. Yum.

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