‘The Son’

“Everything will be alright”. Of course it wasn’t to be and I do blame the parents completely.

The story of an adolescent with mental health issues which come to the fore following his parents divorce and father’s remarriage.

Written by French author-turned-playwright Florian Zeller it is well written and performed. The son openly displays all the warming signs including self-harm, yet the parents do no seek professional help for him. This drove me crazy (forgive the pun). I was so angry I wanted to shout out to them.

Laurie Kynaston (The Ferryman) plays the son and he deals with the issues very believably. But he is exposed as someone who is unwell, says he is unwell, says he is suicidal – and yet the parents do not seek help.

When professionals become involved, the parents withdraw him from their care, with dire consequences. I really thought it was a good play but equally, I found it a quite disturbing.


  1. Thank you so much. You are such a consumate critic. Does this mean you will not hold a slide night with so much to embrace?

  2. Elsbeth

    The play sounds so much like real life and seems to have had the ability to get under the radar. Good critic!

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