Buckfast after breakfast

A beautiful summer day for a visit to an unusual Roman Catholic priory – Buckfast Abbey.

The abbey itself was rebuilt in the early part of the last century. A bronze relief within the church attests to the abbot who was the driving force behind its re-establishment.

Part of the ceiling had to be read with a mirror as it was addressed to God.

The relic of St Thomas More’s hair shirt made me feel itchy.

We were able to sit and listen to the monks chanting Sext in their private chapel. Note the electronic entry pad on the door.

A very modern chapel was used for the daily services.

Outside there were peaceful gardens.

Lunch by the river Dart at The Abbey Inn, Buckfastleigh.

And then on to Dartmoor.

And proper Devonshire tea in Devon. I learnt that the cream should be applied first, and then the jam.

The next morning it was farewell to my cousins as I made my way to Bristol.

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