All things Agatha Christie

We have come to Greenway, the summer home of Agatha Christie and her family.

The property had been in the care of the National Trust for the last 10 years. it is a huge sight running down to the river.

They claim that all the items in the house were there when they took over. She certainly accumulated lots of stuff.

The house, and in particular, the boat shed featured in the film Dead Men’s Folly.

As said, lots of stuff. This is the entrance hall.

Her OBE was in a kitchen cupboard on some dishes. She had a smart dark blue AGA.

I was a bit taken by the wooden toilet arrangement.

Some suitcases that would have travelled wither and her husband who was an archeologist.

All her first editions.

Porcelain piece in the dining room were quite fascinating.

Of course the Morrisons’ had to much around. This is ‘Miss Jenny, I the study, with the candlestick ‘.

The Battery overlooked the river Dart with some Napoleonic canons.

The boathouse featured in Dead Men’s Folly.

And a visit to the formal gardens before our trip back to Dartmouth by train and ferry.


  1. How awesome! I would love to see Agatha Christie’s place!

    First thought: wow, there’s a lot fabric pattern clashing in her living areas!

    Second thought: at least great minds also horde a lot of stuff. 😉

  2. I loved seeing these interiors which are so like those in films depicting country houses. Are planning to pick up those in Egypt similar to Death on the Nile, Ian? What a great time you are having.

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