Dartmouth by car, sea & rail

I’m staying with my Plymouth cousins, Jan and Jenny, who have kindly driven me to Dartmouth for a day’s adventure.

This is home to the Royal Naval College.

But we have come for other things and we begin by crossing the River Dart by ferry from Dartmouth to Kingswear.

On this side of the river we find the railway line from Kingswear to Paignton.

We go past the station added for those going to Greenway (which is our destination) because it is, apparently, quite a walk from this stop.

We alight at Churston so we can get a shuttle bus.

We return the same way and catch up with the trains running in both directions because they have to pass one another at this station as it is a single line in each direction.


  1. Three go aventuring a la Enid blyton

  2. Elsbeth

    Look at the family resemblances! Love the steam trains and the thought of sailing over from one side to the other is blissful. What a great way to finish the holiday.

  3. Much today about the death of Tim Fisher, who helped restore the railway train at the Vatican

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