A final Sunday

Last Sunday was my final one at Holy Trinity Surrey Hills and Mont Albert. It was a sad but joyous occasion, made muted on my part because I was unwell and feeling most poorly. Fortunately my colleague, the Reverend Jenny Sumpter, took the services for me and I just sat far away from others in the bishop’s chair so as to avoid the likelihood of contagion. I was able to preach however, though it was difficult.



In addition to the sanctuary party, all the other sanctuary servers joined in the procession and wore their new albs.


A strange thing happened afterwards – I felt better for the lavish morning tea. It was a fine feast including the besets-ever farewell cake.



It was cleverly topped with a map of Brighton, just like a page from a Melways Guide, but edible. And an apt scriptural quotation too.

The farewell card stretched for some pages as you can see below.



There were some lovely speeches (embarrassing as they are) including an email from our Bishop (to whom I have since send a photo of the cake).




I thank the wardens and the parishioners for their generous gifts and very kind wishes for the future.






With cake bakers – Wendy and Jenny.




My Wardens tell some stories about the Vicar.


  1. Dear Ian, It was so heartening to get your blog and to know that you and Jill were at the market this morning. I was too late unfortunately but had to be there to spend up big.

    When I returned I found that Mollie Sausage had chewed up a box of tissues and the hall looked like a snowfield. I suspect that Duchess no longer performs devilish pranks for the hell of it.

    I am glad you are feeling a little better,Ian.

    Yours, Barbara x


  2. Elsbeth

    Yes it was a really delightful occasion and I missed your hearty singing during the service. The speakers did a great job and the whole atmosphere was one of solidarity . The cake was delicious!

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