Last minute vestments & lunch

Of course I had to go back to Watts & Co for those final bits and bobs look me clergy collars and a new alb and perhaps a cotta or two. All shall be revealed.

And to Church House Bookshop.

Then off to a great lunch with friends Matthew and Brian, both SCP priests at the Portrait restaurants the top floor of the National Portrait Gallery.

Great view and great company.

And they were able to sec d my application to join the Royal Over-Seas League (bonus).

I had forgotten what happens when things go askew on the Tube. Here I am trapped on the stairs unable to get to the train platform.

Then the train got stuck outside Russell Square station, so I decided to get a cab to Paddington and use the Heathrow Express to Terminal 5.

No lounge access for me on British Airways as I am only flying Premium Economy. Those terminals do get crowded. I decided to catch the train to the international gate C terminal and wants t there as it was less crowded.

Fortunately in Singapore, where I may have a four hour lay-over, I can use the Qantas lounge ie free food and drink.

One comment

  1. Elsbeth

    I think it’s charming to have a Faith House, something I didn’t know.
    What an interesting view across the rooftops to St Paul’s, on what looks to be a beautiful autumn day. Think I got that right.
    Thank you for taking me along and for the snippets and photos. It’s been a delight.
    I’m working to get Cariad dry overnight for 2 consecutive weeks so that we can begin a sleepover program with Woofers World. When that happens, I’ll be able to go to Sydney for my niece’ wedding in November.

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