Chichester ‘Harbour’

There is a chain of hotels in England known as ‘Harbour Hotels’. I was pleased to learn this, as I had booked into the Chichester Harbour Hotel but had been unable to discover where they had put Chichester Harbour. ‘Was it a victim of global warming?’ I wondered as I gazed inconsolably our my hotel room.

This is what comes of reading the reviews on Trivago and deciding on accommodation in a city that you haven’t visited before. I was put off some other offerings because they said they were noisy.

Presently I am in my room, listening to great jazz music playing somewhere nearby. Well it’s preferable to louts leaving a pub. Perhaps that will come later.

My room is on the third floor.

No way was I maneuvering my trolley case up those stairs, so I was offered the lift.

This looked like it had been designed by Hannibal Lector. However, with a bit of jiggling, it worked well.

Not quite The Savoy but a bit cheaper. I felt almost compelled to dine-in when it was suggested by the receptionist, but I’m glad I did as I wasn’t able to secure a theatre ticket that evening.

The restaurant again has the unnerving name ‘The Jetty’ and is decorated with art reminiscent of the seaside. There is a bar and adjacent lounge for pre-theatre drinks, as well as a theatre menu for those seeking a quick departure.

Very pleasant banquettes and good food.

So much wine in England is sourced from Chile one would think that Brexit as already finalised – or is it just to stick-it to the Argentinians over the Falklands? I did manage a glass of French wine.

I chose the twice-baked cheese souflé despite the advice that it would take 25 minutes. I, unlike others, was in no rush and day just enough battery left on my phone to keep otherwise engaged. It was well worth the wait.

Then came ‘Veal Milanese’, bread and Parmesan coating with a hen’s egg (I didn’t query why that needed specification) and truffle mayonnaise.

For dessert ‘Pimms Jelly’ which contained some diced cucumber. This was a good choice recommended by my waitress.

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