Chichester Cathedral

A glorious source of many photos which I will share more fully when I return (be warned).

The pervading figure is St Richard of Chichester.

The Shrine of St Richard of Chichester is a wonderful sight, backed by a tapestry by Ursula Benker-Shirmer in 1985 and took three and a half years to complete.

It is adjacent to a stained glass window designed by Marc Chagall and installed in 1978. It is based on the text of Psalm 150: “O praise God in his holiness – let everything that has breath praise him”. Not really to my taste but there were plenty of fine other windows.

and interesting artwork,including some modern work being exhibited.

In the Chapel of St John the Baptist, a painting of Christ’s baptism by Patrick Proctor (1936- ) and in the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, a painting ‘Noli me tangents (Touch me not) 1961’ by Graham Sutherland (1903-80).

The quire and high altar has another tapestry as its reredos – a seven panelled tapestry designed by John Piper representing the Holy Trinity in the centre of its creation. It was dedicated in 1961.


  1. Anne Carver

    Many Happy Returns of the day from The Carvers. May it be an extra special birthday for you.

  2. Elsbeth

    There are so many straight and curved lines of the building itself, inside and out. That was my first impression, then there was the figure of St Richard of Chichester, to my way of thinking, obviously so loved because he seems to be so bowed down, yet supported by the beautiful prayerful words. Then there were all the varied images of inside the cathedral itself. I can see a bit why it all made such an impression on you.

  3. I look forward to our film night. I have a print of the painting by Turner of the canal with Chichester spire in the distance.

    We went to the Theatre there and loved it but cant remember the name of the play.

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