This morning I took the train from Victoria Station to Chichester.

It was rather ironic that last night I saw a production of ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’, and this morning I was eating breakfast outside the Left Luggage Room at Victoria.

The centrepiece is Chichester Cathedral, dedicated to the blessèd Holy Trinity.. I went immediately to the Chichester Festival Theatre to see if there was a chance of ticket to this evening’s sold-out performance of ‘Copenhagen’ but alas no.

The town centre is very well preserved and is largely car-free, necessitating car parks on the edges.

The city’s walls are largely intact and make for a splendid walking tour giving vantage points overlooking the city.

The Bishop’s Palace Gardens are a delightful publically available space partly surrounded by the city walls which permit some great vistas.

More recent construction blends in perfectly with the existing streetscape, and preserved structures such as the Guildhall, a remnant of a former Franciscan Monastry, and a Saxon Church.

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