The Lehman Trilogy

3 actors, 3 acts, 3 hours 30 minutes.

Bravo, a must-see production. Brilliant.

Adam Goodley, Ben Miles, Simon Russell Beale. Stellar performances from each, directed by Sam Mendes, on a brilliant revolving set by Es Devlin.

Standing ovation from the packed Lyttleton Theatre at the National.

The actors play three generations of the Lehman family including, to much amusement, the wives and children, but remain throughout dressed in black Jewish clothes of their immigrant era.

This is the story of 150 years of Western Capitalism told through the story of one family.

The three Lehman brothers show what is possible for migrants in a capitalist system (despite many set-backs), and how unrestrained greed is ultimately the undoing of the justice, equality and liberty that the system promised. It also reinforces how a business cannot survive a third family generation (think Fairfax, Myer, Hordern, Packer or Gowings) and especially when it is run by strangers.

Stephanie Massini’s play was perfectly adapted into English by Ben Power.

Credit to the three actors for solid and long performances.

It is so good to be back in the home of modern English theatre. Broadway, neither on or off, had any of the depth and volume of interesting plays available in London.

I’m sorry to be missing the next Neil Armfield production at the National Theatre – a new David Hare play, I’m not Running, which commences 2 October.


  1. I loved the way you compared their third generation with our own.

    The British are not timid about standing ovations compared with most

    Australian audiences. Of course many overseas patrons swell the appreciation

    In London.

  2. Elsbeth

    The three actors all look so familiar because of their roles over the years. How simply superb to see and hear them acting such roles as you describe. No wonder there was a standing ovation!!

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