Good enough for Menzies

I had to move closer to the conference venue, now at St Dunstan’s- in-the-West, so I’m having a few night at The Savoy.

This will make getting to morning Mass much easier. I have eaten at the Savoy Grill when I took my father for brunch for his birthday in 1981. Now the Grill is run by Gordon Ramsay, so I hope he keeps his swearing to a minimum.

A little very French lady met me in the foyer and swiftly ushered to me to the private check-in.

My suite is accessed via ”The Red Lift’, and is as one would expect.

I can see why it was the choice of Sir Robert Menzies when he was Prime Minister, and just along from Australia House too.


  1. Only the best for our Vicar.

    Frank and I had coffee at the Savoy and of course used the toilets. Frank was wearing his bomber jacket but was brushed down by the attendant. Did you tip? Of course not.

    They both laughed at the Aussie Thank you Mate!

  2. Elsbeth

    A trip down memory lane with a difference. Fabulous and sumptuous to me!

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