‘Brief Encounter’

Well, wasn’t this the surprise package of this holiday (so far).

I booked thinking this was a production of Noel Coward’s play by the Old Vic, but staged at the Empire Cinema Haymarket. Partly true. I had failed to read the bit that said: ‘A musical adapted and staged by a Emma Rice’.

There was in-aisle entertainment as patron’s arrived. My heart sank. This could be a stinker. Should I spent my Sunday afternoon on this?

It seemed to get worse.

And then it was brilliant. A very clever adaptation of the romance of the original story crafted into a musical in a may which didn’t prevent the relationship between the two lead characters being subverted. I loved this production.

It was cleverly staged, with lots of humour and music inserted but the pathos was not lost.

Highly recommended.


  1. I have only just read your brief encounter review and am glad you enjoyed it so much.

    How did they incorporate the train and environs? Did they feature the Rac II as they did in the film?(or was it III?)

    I think this would be great for Jeanne Pratt’s Production company. This is my favorite film

    .I am sorry I missed the carol service – I was stung by a march fly I think and was poisoned, my arm red and hard.

    Your back view of your Gaudette vestment was breathtaking as you moved down the aisle on Sunday – I imagined you in the Game of Thrones.

    Best wishes Ian

    Barbara x

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