‘Brief Encounter’

Well, wasn’t this the surprise package of this holiday (so far).

I booked thinking this was a production of Noel Coward’s play by the Old Vic, but staged at the Empire Cinema Haymarket. Partly true. I had failed to read the bit that said: ‘A musical adapted and staged by a Emma Rice’.

There was in-aisle entertainment as patron’s arrived. My heart sank. This could be a stinker. Should I spent my Sunday afternoon on this?

It seemed to get worse.

And then it was brilliant. A very clever adaptation of the romance of the original story crafted into a musical in a may which didn’t prevent the relationship between the two lead characters being subverted. I loved this production.

It was cleverly staged, with lots of humour and music inserted but the pathos was not lost.

Highly recommended.

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