‘Give her something to eat’

We certainly were fed well at the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great this morning. The sermon by Associate Priest Fr Jeremy Haslock began with a discussion of the improved sandwiches at Marks & Spencer’s before moving to the Markan sandwich which comprised this morning’s Gospel reading – the woman with the haemorrhage, sandwiched within the story of the healing of Jarius’ daughter.

A four-part choir performed a mass by Pärt and the service was BCPCommon Worship with KJV readings. Bliss.

Following the final hymn we chanted the Angelus which was followed by an excellent organ postlude, Annum per Annum, also by Pärt.

Coffee followed, by no one spoke to me.


  1. Anne Carver

    How sad that they didn’t have people with a role to speak to mortals in the congregation! Their loss.


  2. Judy Goodes

    It doesn’t matter how wonderful the Mass was, not to welcome a stranger is terrible. Very sad

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