‘The Moderate Soprano’

I was initially attracted to this production because it is a new playboy David Hare. The subject matter escaped. Directed by a Jeremy Herrin, the play is about the founder of the opera festival at Glyndebourne. Although I had heard of it, I really knew nothing about it. I am indebted to this excellent play, and the program notes for piquing my interest to know more.

Roger Allan, superb as John Christie, and Nancy Carroll as his operatic wife Audrey, lead a cast well selected for their roles.

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd did a good job as the Rudolf Bing, who subsequently founded the Edinburgh Festival and went on to run the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

The Second World War had a devastating effect on Audrey Christie’s health and she died aged only 53.

Billed as ‘Glyndebourne’s original love story’, it was a most enjoyable play.

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