Early start

I arrived at Heathrow at 7am. It was going to be a long day. First there was a disagreement with the conductor on the Heathrow Express as to whether a coupon on my phone app from last year was still valid. The coupon said ‘Yes’ but his computer said ‘No’. He won the first round.

Then I would have to wait some 5 hours to access my room, so I did what I normally do, I went shopping. I had to get a SIM card for my phone as the Optus a travel Pack didn’t seem to have kicked-in to prevent free-wheeling roaming charges.

Then to the British Museum, to fill in time.

I hoped at least to find a seat in the Great Court – love the Norman Foster roof.

It would be wrong to imagine there were not many people there.

Lots of school parties – it was fun eaves-drop on their teacher’s questions.

There were lots of heads.

many nudes – apparently ancient Greeks hadn’t invented clothes

and some bums. Yes, this satay has a tail.

Then on to fill-in more time at the British Library where there was a great exhibition of early sacred illustrated texts which were kept in a temperature -controlled room (which I appreciated).

Then time for a rest until my first play that evening.

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  1. Andrew Lampe

    The micropenis

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