Up and away

I didn’t make it to church on Wednesday morning (sorry Barbara and Elsbeth) but I had to pack.

Lunch was in the Air NZ lounge which Thai Airways shares. A pleasant space with a view of aeroplane wheels and plane bums.

‘Mimi-me’ (my bag tag) was quite comfortable on the flight, though there was a bit of a lay-over in Bangkok but the service was excellent.

I enjoyed it too.


  1. Elsbeth

    I didn’t make it to church on Wednesday either, Cariad somehow got the chocolate on the table and ate a lot of it. Fortunately milk choc buttons, but we went to the vet where she had an injection and vomited it all up. So naughty! I wasn’t sure who was the most upset, her or me. Me won.

  2. Andrew Lampe


  3. Andrew Lampe

    And thankful to God it went much better than last time, i.e no hospital visit

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