‘Witness for the Prosecution’

I do like a good Agatha Christie play. This was set in the old County Hall, next to the London Eye thingy.

I walked over Westminster Bridge – at least a dozen Eastern European men playing the shell game, for money of course. Very tacky – bring on Brexit.

Although County Hall is no longer used for city administration, the old council chambers remain intact and it was hugely suitable for a courtroom scene.

Here I am in the jury box, next to the judge’s seat. The 12 of us had to be sworn in, and stand whoever the judge entered or left. We had a spotlight on us and a notebook to record our trial notes.

David Yelland played the defence lawyer very well and I loved Patrick Godfrey as the judge.

We voted 8 to 4 for an acquittal. I knew he was guilty but I didn’t think the prosecution had proved his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt (that’s why lawyers are barred from jury duty). Anyway you can’t watch as many episodes of Law & Order as I have and not be able to guess the result – they just recycle other author’s stories.


  1. Andrew Lampe

    Bring on Brexit. Too funny

  2. Elsbeth

    Sounds like a lot of fun, particularly as you are (ex lawyer) on the jury.

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