Bon voyage…. see you soon

A brief cruise for two days to celebrate a couples’ wedding. I don’t usually get to the reception let alone go on the honeymoon with 30 guests. What a treat. And what a luxurious suite I have been given, replete with its own verandah, dressing room and ensuite.

We left Sydney on Friday evening for a cruise to nowhere – up the coast and back early Monday morning. The last cruise I enjoyed from Sydney was in 1964 and we had to do our emergency drill as the ship sailed up the harbour. This time we did it before sailing, so I could get some photos from my verandah, before dashing off for drinks in my friends’ stateroom, replete with barmen. Luckily I am on the city side as we left port, so I could get some city photos.

The tree-storied dining room seats 1900 people with two sittings, and two hundred waiters from 52 countries, so that gives you an idea of how many are in the enormous floating hotel.

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  1. Elsbeth

    It looks perfect weather for some sailing and drinking – the health of the happy couple! See you soon.

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