Kingsman – the Golden Circle (don’t they put pineapple in a tin?)

Colin Firth and pugs. What’s not to like?

I wasn’t expecting much and the action scenes were so over the top as to be quite stupid. But men in bespoke suits, Saville Row, glasses and designer cases + pugs and Colin Firth- I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the film. I even adjusted to Targon Egerton who speaks like he is Michael Caine.

And Elton John – too funny. Fat and funny.

I’m not sure why Julianne Moore was needed as the villain. She seemed wasted really, though she was entertaining.

Colin Firth was as charming as ever.

One comment

  1. Dear Ian.

    Thank you for your crit. We will see the Kingsman now.. Unfortunately I can’t reply to your blog – I used to love the computer but its beyond me now. So I will just say that
    perhaps she asked to play the villain – such heavy parts are fun and very easy to play. I’ve had my share.

    Stephanie couldn’t help me reply because she’s shampooing my carpets where Zacharia pees and poos. Don who consulted a behavioulist said if I see him cocking
    a leg, speak to him in a gruff voice so that he knows I’m displeased.

    Thank you for the video, You led a lovely service and Leslie ‘s video was spectacular.

    I didnt mean to pin you down about tomorrow, very rude of me.


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