At sea, in a large boat

Two days at sea off the coast somewhere out from Port Macquarie. There are 3,900 people on board plus at least 1,000 crew. A three-day cruise brings out all the yobs – present company excepted.

Apart from lots of shopping ($US +18%), some of the “highlights” available for participants include:

  • International Men’s Belly Flop competition
  • ‘Let’s get loud -sail away party’
  • 60s sing along in a pub
  • Cigars under the stars
  • Liquid facelift in the Schooner bar
  • Puffy eyes and dark circles seminar (tempting – not).

I preferred some quiet time in my stateroom.

Thirty of us, friends and family, are on the cruise to celebrate a wedding . A glimpse of me at a private service can be seen reflected below.

We had our own drinks party there every evening before dinning together in the restaurant (below),

On returning to my cabin I am greeted by some artistic endeavours of the cabin boy (A+ for effort).

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