Eight churches & a synagogue 

[*Parishioner sanity warning*] Today I took 417 photos. 17 were of my thumb, shoe, the footpath or were black (possibly the inside of my pocket), 40% of the remainder were doubles (just in case the first one turned out to be of my thumb, shoe, footpath etc), leaving 240 vicar’s snaps from which to draw to make a presentation. Be warned.

As I will be using this hoard of photos to regale you with at some future time, I will not give too much away about today’s excellent adventure, other than the attached photos which will give you a taste of the delights to come. Details on my return.

A most illuminating day surveying the work of a number of influential church architects.


  1. Anne

    Do hope your thumb was clean. The rest look stunning. Good day for the market – sunny but very cold till the courtyard thawed (without you there to add warmth) AC

  2. Elsbeth

    Beautiful. I loved the filigree. so delicate looking – must have taken an age to actually do. It put me in mind of St George’s Cathedral in Perth.

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