“And did those feet..”

I thought is was a park. Well, the sign said ‘Abney Park’ so I looked at the map to see how to get through to the cemetery entrance. Little did I know that when the website said you had to make an appointment to find a grave, they meant ‘because you’ll never find the grave, nor your way out again’.

It is, in fact, an overgrown cemetery. And a very special one too because it hadn’t been ruined by a spine of hideous immigrant peasant’s graves along what were once pathways as have many of the older Melbourne cemeteries – with their awful black granite tombs, plaster Madonnas and plastic flowers. And the vulgar mausoleums. And those ugly photos,…. but I digress.

It has certainly been let go. Mother Nature has taken hold, but the climate allows for undergrowth and trees rather an just weeds. And by undergrowth I mean poison ivy and stinging nettles. Has I known I would have brought some gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs. You’d have your work cut out here, Tutti.

But I had wisely made an appointment.

As you can see the modest office has all the conveniences of home, plus the only flowers on site.

I set off with my Sherpa guide and maps.

And we calculated it was behind that tree.

About here. Under that mound. And with some assistance – 

The grave of my great-great-great-grandfather’s brother, David Morrison, and some of his family.

And a few more for good measure.

Six in total.

So that was a delightful find and well worth the visit. I can share these photos with my cousin, Jan Sparkes, who is a direct descendant of David Morrison and who I am visiting in a few days.

The cemetery is one of the ‘magnificant 7’.

Isaac Watts favourite spot, the mound, is retained as a rest spot (if you can find it).

And, of course, he is buried here too – larger than life.

The chapel has also known more glorious times.

Another great adventure in God’s own country.


  1. “The young may die, the old must.” Ilove old churchyards and the smell of decaying chrysanthemums left
    on the graves of the newly dead.

  2. Judy Goodes

    Such a beautiful place- I love overgrown. So glad you found your family grave

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