On the buses

For my return from Islington, I chose the bus – getting to be quite the expert with public transport aren’t I?

The bus stop was right outside St Mary’s Islington. It was still daylight and you don’t see much out the tube window, so I took the front seat upstairs on an electric double-decker. 

I think it was slightly taller than the ones with the staircase at the rear, but I’m not sure. Fortunately we didn’t hit any branches on out way back to the West End.


We went past some Monopoly identities –

some theatres – 

and I alighted at the Royal Academy.

where I was able to achieve this great shot of the adjacent Burlington Arcade after hours – 

Just got back in time for dessert – thinly sliced pineapple with chilli & ice cream and a 1999 Tokaji from Hungary.

One comment

  1. P Carver

    Made this desert in Melbourne tonight. Now Anne’s favourite

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