The Underground

A fascinating day touring London’s Underground stations with Andrew Martin, author of the book Underground, Overground: A Passenger’s History of The Tube.

We began at Baker Street Station.

Then to Regent’s Park, with original tiling.

And on to Piccadilly, where I saw so much that I not noticed previously – such as the ceiling tiles, brass fittings, travertine marble.

And clock.

Morning tea at

Then on to……


and on to

and the privilege of being able to visit the home of the Tube (see next blog post – it’s worth it! So special it gets a separate showing.

Then on to Westminster Station.

And then…


Then to Wapping on the Overland, which was underground (go figure)

and back to Rotherhithe to inspect the first tunnel that led to them all – with the hand-placed bricks still visible.

and finally (soon to be demolished at ground level to accommodate a tall building –

            Lots of learning. I’ll have plenty to think about as I travel the Tube in the future.





One comment

  1. Thank you for this, Ian. Having travelled by tube to Blackfriars when I worked for AP in Fleet Street, I can almost smell
    the underground.

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