Wet in Wapping

A day searching out some family history sites despite a bit of wet weather.

This is the actual entrance to the former London Docks, whose construction necessitated the demolition of the building in Wapping High St then occupied by Alexander Morrison, Ships Chandler & Coal Merchant, in the early 1800s trading as Rice, Morrison & Price. It is now a private park, the riverside buildings having been converted largely to apartments – much gentrification.

On the other side of the road, a park shows the area that was the basin at the entrance to the docks, and some of what was the docks is now occupied by a sports oval, ornamental canal, and the printing works of Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire when he moved out of Fleet Street.
 Adjacent to the site are the Old Wapping Stairs to the river and the Town of Ramsgate pub, which avoided demolition.

Nearby is the remains of what was St John’s Wapping. It didn’t survive WWII and is now apartments.

The adjoining church buildings that did survive are quite interesting.

The church graveyard is now a park.

There are some gravestones around the perimeter but almost all are completely illegible. Do councils not realise that if you lean the gravestones against a wall, their surface will deteriorate quicker than if they are perpendicular??

It was really raining hard, so I took shelter in a garage entrance to a warehouse apartment complex. No selfies today!

Views along Wapping High Street below.

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  1. Eleanor Newton

    So historic!

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