55 Broadway

Splendid example of 1927 architecture – the tallest building in London at the time, and still the home of The Tube.

Still working to show the number of trains passing a certain point on each line, though I couldn’t understand its recording mechanism.

The then chairman, Lord Ashfield and the view from his office, the scene of much of the formative history of the Underground extension lines once all the lines were in public ownership. I liked some of the art and posters on his walls too.


The building facades contain sculptures by avant-garde artists of the day – Jacob Epstein, Henry Moore,  Sam Robinovich, Alfred Gerrard, Eric Gill.


Ascended to the top roof for great photos of London (I haven’t included ones of Scotland Yard nor the Defence Offices as these were (apparently) prohibited.



Such an honour to have been shown through the building by the heritage advisor to the Lird Mayor, particular as the building is slated to be turned into luxury apartments and this ‘Daily Planet’ building will not be accessible in the future.

Then on to Westminster tube station.

One comment

  1. So pleased to see the shots of my home town. We loved the view from the London Eye in Rolls Royce capsules,

    able to describe seeing No 10, etc, phoning a friend in Melbourne, clear as a bell. Big queues for the Eye but we
    we were in early morning group with no waiting.

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