“Not your grandmother’s musical”*

* The Independent 

Indeed it was not.

The Book of Mormon was very funny, produced by the creators of South Park, but I found that I preferred that kind of humour in cartoon form. I felt uncomfortable  with some of the language and concepts being portrayed in person. I would have laughed more if it were a cartoon.

I was also uncertain whether we were laughing with, or at, the Nigerians  in some scenes. And it was quite disconcerting that the man next to me had seen it 20 times. [Note to neighbour – seek help urgently].

My greatest relied was that it was not about ‘the book of Islam’.


  1. Heard on Tony Delroys that the Book of Mormon is coming to Melbourne in 2007 and will not be moved to other capitals as it will run here for five months.

  2. 2107, I meant of course.

  3. Elsbeth

    It sounds rather bizarre and one needs to read up prior to attending?

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