Sweet suites

That’s my balcony, with the red chair. Quite a pleasant apartment suite, just up coronary hill (below) from the town centre – a nice walk down, but an incline on the return.

Apart from the town centre on the bay, everything else is on a hillside and therefore on a slope. Even the hall within my apartment building is sloped – great fun if you were in a wheelchair with no brake!

Fortunately I found an entrance to the building which avoids having to also climb up the driveway to reception. The building is a bit noisy, being on the main road through town, and angled (for the sake of the view) from another adjoining building where the guests and maids start banging doors earlier than otherwise desirable.

However, it is spacious accommodation and has a great bathroom with strong water pressure and a frameless glass shower recess, gosh how I miss a decent sized shower. I hate turning around and accidentally knocking the shampoo onto the floor or hitting the hot tap!

One of the deficits of travelling on the cheap is that you have to take the early and late flights to save money. This brings you to a new city before the room is ready or requires you to fill in a full day with no room to go back to before your flight leaves – today I leave at 5.30pm. So more walking around the town, perhaps some time in my favourite seat in the Queenstown Gardens, just on the edge of the beach (view below).



  1. So good to see your photos, bringing you closer to us. But hope you can fill the hours waiting with uplifting thoughts. Travelling alone is not the best way to see a country. I have no desire to travel now that Frank is no longer with me. The nicest part of a trip is going to bed with a chat and a cuddle and you can’t do that on a tour with strangers!

  2. Is it really namd coronary hill or is that your quip? Big bathrooms are divine. In the monumental Queenscliffe hotels (Victoria) they have huge bathrooms, which compensate for the creaking beds.

  3. I like the Heartland Hotel on Coronary Hill. Across the valley is the winter ski slope I imagine. That would almost give one a coronary to try that!
    Wonderful views. You must be getting fitter walking up and down the small mountains! The air would be clear and fresh, it looks like that.

  4. The hallway ripple looks as though it’s a left over from the earthquake.

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