Going gondola

Of course I arrived before anyone in Queenstown was prepared for me, so I took advantage of the quiet morning to take a gondola ride up a nearby peak to see the town, literally, from above. It was a spooky ride as I am not a height-person in a shaky little box hanging from a metal string, but I made it, pleasingly in a gondola by myself. I was able to turn around and take the above photo without rocking the boat too much.

The view from the observatory at the top was special and no doubt worth the ride. Many people were coming up with bicycles which they attached to the exterior of the gondola, no doubt to dirt-bike it back down the mountain. You can also go luge riding further up the mountain, by chairlift, but I felt I had gone as far and done enough for my money thank you.


  1. Lovely photos, no wonder they like filming there, with such locations. You speak of their preparation for you. What were they preparing? Miss Marple is on the trail … Just heard that Cyclone Ian landfall is expected around dawn in Fiji.

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