Lord of the Rings and things

Off on an adventure to Queenstown on Air New Zealand. They are a bit obsessed with the whole Lord of the Rings and whatever the latest trilogy is called (Buffy, Freddo??) even their safety drill video is acted out by characters from the latest franchise (which I don’t pretend to understand). It was quite funny and the poor hosties had to just stand in the aisles with nothing to do but wait to point to the exit doors at the appropriate moment. One of them looked very unimpressed and I wondered if she has previously flown for Air Afrikaans. We flew across the South Island with the mountains peeping over the clouds (just as well I didn’t go by bus). This was as close to Mt Cook as I needed to be.

When I arrived I saw a tour bus leaving for The Lord of the Rings tour – spare me. It is only a short trip in to Queenstown from the airport, and it is a very picturesque town set on a lake with mountains all around.


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