Cathedrals and cardboard

The glories of Christchurch’s Cathedral are no more, the tower having broken in half during the earthquakes, now demolished.

It seems unlikely that the cathedral canve saved. It was at the epicentre of the earthquake that occurred in a previously unknown fault like just 10kms underground (they are more usually 100km below the earth’s surface).

A new temporary cathedral (a church really) has been erected a couple of blocks away. It is structurally sported by cardboard rolls which are only visible on the inside, the A-form exterior comprising corrugated plastic sheeting – no so pretty on the outside, but a lot nicer within, but consequently exceptionally hot in summer. I am told there are windows that open at each end for ventilation but they were not open today – chancel sauna anyone?

They say it has a temporary permit for 10 years, but someone else told me 50.


One comment

  1. So different from the original Cathedral that, to me, looked ruggedly solid. Like the old Cathedral, this building has a look that is all its own, and reaches for the heavens as the spire once did. Things change and we change with them.

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