Life inside a Glomesh bag


A whole day with architectural photographer Nic Graneesh. I hope I learnt something. Well I know I learnt something on the way there – what a lot of stuff photographers need. Schlepping the camera bag with lenses, camera, charger, note book etc, plus bag with tripod (only opened for the first time just before I left home – managed to remove the labels), plus coat and jumper. Of course it was a cold morning and hot day, so the extra wardrobe was just an additional burden. I felt like Sherpa Tensing but looked like a total drongo

We were photographing the RMIT Design Hub on the corner Victoria St and Lygon, a Sean Godsell design with an external cladding of opaque discs . Not the best position, it’s such a busy corner with tram stop, tram hut, diagonally opposite the Melbourne City Baths. The best view is fronted baths in the early morning. I could have gone on a early shoot tomorrow morning at 6am but that didn’t fit with Sunday worship. Much of the day the sun is only on the rear side, so most of my photos were from that side as we didn’t go there until after lunch. We spent the morning discussing architectural photography.


It was a great day but quite tiring and losing an hour because of the end of daylight saving tonight will not help. Time for a rest.


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  1. Such a coincidence. I had been watching an astonishing documentary entitled “How Much Does Your Building Weigh? Mr Foster” on ABC 1 this evening. Perhaps you watched it too. Norman Foster is a world famous architect and redesgned so many buildings, airports, bridges. Frank and I walked on the Millenium bridge.

    I just picked it up on IView because I had missed the start, having gone to sleep in my chair.

    And then I came in to turn off the computer and found your blog and your experience with the architectural photographer Nic Graneesh.

    Does this solve the mystery of the black and white squares with the non-existent drag queen? An exercise?

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