Arrivederci Brunetti’s

Not fond of change, I was sad to hear that Brunetti’s is moving from its Faraday St location in Carlton.

What is stranger is that it is moving into the Lygon Court – home to the extremely creepy Nova Cinemas. Fire-safety inspection anyone?

According to an article in The Age, the current owner said “We’ve never been able to find a team that would be able to deliver the quality we wanted”. Hardly a ringing endorsement of those who have worked there over the past 38 years. I realise that are don’t possess a razor blade between them, but the food and coffee have always been pretty spectacular (at Faraday St, at least). Granted, the staff display a little more attitude that one would expect from boys whose chosen role in life is to fill coffee cups, but the recipients have kept coming back for more.

At least until this strange move to an arcade – very in-Italian, an indoor venue overlooking the Nova ticket office. Gross.


  1. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friends at Brunetti’s. You might be interested in the new Italian restaurant in Hamilton Street, Cantina Centrale. Pizzeria and cuccina Italiana. Stephanie and I took her son Daniel there the other night. It was booked out, but we were able to get a table if we could be finished by 8. We enjoyed the meal, well served and quickly as of necessity. Can’t speak for the coffee as we went home to have my own questionable brew. Telephone 9890 4836

    Went to the Balwyn this afternoon to see Performance. Excellent film about a string quartet, with Phliip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walden. Beethoven’s String Quartet No 14, Opus 131 was featured. As the film opens with Walden revealing he had Parkinson’s disease it rang a sad bell for me.

  2. Sad day when it leaves its present location. One can sip coffee, chat and pretend to be in Venice or Rome at least. I’ve had many happy hours there. The next thing will be to have the other memory triggers in Lygon St go, eg Toto’s the place to take children and forget the mess they make, the gelati shop (can’t think of its name), the wonderful range of olive oils and the place where the arty-smarty used to buy coffee and show off.

    I went to lunch and Don Quixote on Saturday. The story is not very engaging, but the dancing made up for that. Yosvani Ramos did amazing leaps and turns as Basilio, while Kiri AKA Reiko Hombo complemented him beautifully with her femininity. When everyone first came on I wondered if I was in an Oz theatre, there were many Asian-like faces.

    At the Cardiologist I left an impression on the pillow, my hair colour – forgot it comes off. I now wake with ‘bed hair’, whoooppeee, so the colour will come to an end in a while and I’ll not have to turn myself inside out in front of the mirror, doing my hair.

  3. John Barns

    Surely the HT baristas serve better coffee than at Brunetti’s?

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