Thanks for the movie, and the Falklands


She was a divisive character in her political life. When difficult decisions need to be made you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Baroness Thatcher wasn’t concerned with the popular decision, just the right one. One commentator said ‘she was a signpost, not a weather vane’ and her legacy is that she is remembered for who much she achieved and her strength in carrying it off, even by those who may not have agreed with her decision or policy at the time.

She was the last of the statesmen in Britain. No one since, nor even Blair, could hold a candle to her.


  1. Nice tribute, Father M. Caroline, a family member, was one of her secretaries, and valued the time spent with her.

    Not so, the coal miners. The movie “Brassed Off” explores this.

  2. Yes, she was a force to be reckoned with alright! It seems to me that she was the right woman for the country as a whole, and for the people whose lives were so damaged, not so.
    But in such a time of economic and worldwide upheaval, she was needed by many, even though I wasn’t impressed sometimes.
    If she hadn’t been so ‘one eyed’ about her mission, she wouldn’t have been able to achieve what she set out to achieve.
    Iron Lady indeed!

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