A bun in the oven


What ever happened to Safeway? The photo above is the queue I was in at Woolworths Balwyn this evening getting some eggs. There were about 20 people in one line with full trolleys waiting for checkout. Fortunately after about 10 minutes they opened a few more registers and I finally was served and on the way home to bake a cake. Unfortunately the French vanilla cake mix (made in the US with heat in Fahrenheit) didn’t come with icing, so I had to use another of my pink cake mixes. Sorry folks tomorrow at church.

We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Fr Lawrence’s being ordained as a priest, so some fancy refreshments are called for. Should I warn them to wear their sunglasses?


  1. Tragically, the bread was too fresh for my cucumber sandwiches – I shall find a substitute. May I suggest that you try Food Rite
    in Hamilton Street, Mont Albert for cake mixes – they might be a little more expensive on some items, but are licensed and like Bread Street, open seven days a week.

    One never waits long to be served.

    Your cakes are legendary – whatever the flavour

  2. And I’m still standing folks!
    The service was terrific today, thanks.

  3. The PS to that first reply is that I had a piece of pink cake and I’m still alive (as you suggested in church).
    Fr Lawrence looked glowing as he walked down the aisle at the end of the service. I was beautiful to see.

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