Get smart @ Tarrawarra

I took my Uncle Bruce to the Tarrawarra Museum of Art via Yarra Glen. [Note to self: Do not stop at Yarra Glen village for food – yuck]. The gallery is NOT at the Tarrawarra Abbey. [Note to self: Drive past this exit time].


The museum is quite impressive, built of pressed earth and set in landscaped grounds with a lake. Inside the main exhibition space is large and I liked the full length window overlooking the locality (here featuring Bruce in silhouette).


The exhibition was Jeffrey Smart’s work (still claimed as an Australian despite living in Tuscany for the past 50 years). But I do like his work.


The large multiple-panelled work from the Art Centre formed the major item in the exhibition. But The Directors was my favourite.


One comment

  1. John Barns

    Just as well you didn’t venture into Tarrawarra Abbey. The monks mightn’t have let you out and their gain would have been HT’s immeasurable loss. And somehow I can’t see you leading a life of silence!

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