Knock, knock. Let us in.

Well my second camera class was evidence that whilst I find each element of the camera settings comprehensible, I can’t put them all together and take a better photo.

Finally we got to take some photos outside the classroom. The photo below was taken in the passages out pride out room. The walls were adorned with student art and this was the background for our first shot, using class mates as models.



I still think its blurry.

Then we went outside in the twilight and set out cameras for the lack of natural light and the type of lighting available.

Of course the best photos were of me as the model, but they aren't on my camera! This one was the best of my snaps, but I still think its blurry.


No one noticed that it was past 9 o’clock and the doors of the college had locked automatically. So we were trapped outside on Whitehorse Rd taking photos of passing cars – I’m sure the drivers thought we has speed cameras. Finally security arrived and let us in so we could collect our things.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us

  2. Good to be with you on your learning curve

  3. Anne Carver

    We shall look forward to some AMAZING pictures in the next production of “Happenings” and by the time the next pet service comes around the mind boggles at what you may be able to produce!

  4. I like the photo in the passage of the classmate in front of the painting, and the other one is interesting because of the curves and shapes in the background. Good for you.

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