Click, click….boom

Last night I had my first photography lesson. In preparation, yesterday I unboxed my camera which I had bought on special (of course) earlier last year but did not use as it was too complicated to understand. I thought lessons would be appropriate and was delighted to find that CAE are running a photography class for ‘basic’ DSLR photographers (not sure if the people are basic or the course, but I will report back) at nearby Box Hill. I’m glad I did open the box because it didn’t come with a memory card and I had to run down to JB Hi-Fi at Camberwell and acquire one.


I had also acquired a DVD about how to use the camera (which I had not opened) and thought it prudent to watch a bit of it, just so I had some idea where the buttons were and so as not to appear any more basic than I normally am. I watched about 20 minutes of this but the instructor went so quickly through all the bits that I thought I would be better off just going to the class. Having navigated myself successfully to the correct room at Box Hill Institute (no mean feat in the evening there) I am pleased to report that I followed the lesson easily (must have been very basic I hear you say) and can now remove a lens cap without breaking a fingernail. Stay tuned for more next week!


  1. Father M,

    I made a comment but it won’t register. Has something changed?

    I said something to the effect that I thought the photos you took in Rome and London were produced by the new camera and that they were splendid, but Stephanie who is with me tonight said everyone wants something bigger and better and pointed out that I am going to get the latest ipad for my birthday (after some heavy hinting for something better). I also said a BMW would be nice.

    Good luck with the course in Box Hill.

  2. Your comment is there now

  3. You have passed step 1 with flying colours, finding the CAE Box Hill as well as the room! Now for step 2 – oh, hang on you’ve beaten me to it by opening the box as well as getting out the camera/DVD.. Such talent!

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