Two bag limit


My friend left for Africa on Friday for nearly two years. Having stored most of her belongings, she decided to ‘bring a few things over’ and pack from the Vicarage. There are many items we take for granted and are freely available here, unknown in much of Africa. This includes many food items and additives including vegemite, Maggi-mix and Tim-Tams (that last one keeps away).


Duchess assisted in the packing process, offering her services a food taster and wresting open some Maggi packets open and spilt the contents over the living room floor. Wearing what appeared to be make-up, she greeted me at the door smelling of paprika.


  1. I’m lost for words (for once) …

  2. What a clever little dog! Being a girl perhaps she thought it was time for a bit of a make-over.

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