Love among the ruins


Just as in Fitzroy Gardens, on a Saturday you can’t avoid being in someone’s wedding photos in Rome. Or should I say that you can’t avoid having other people in your wedding photos – lots of other people. Despite the large crowd at the Colosseum, note the group on the upper levels – that put me off (not one for crowds), this couple were determined to have their photo with the adjacent Constantine’s Arch behind them. Either way, it would take someone with a Masters degree in Photoshop to make this couple seem solitary.


Not sure how this makes a better backdrop since it is surrounded by a metal fence, but it was their wedding. And they were not alone, definitely not alone. There were plenty more be seen and to photograph.


I also wondered into a church as it was being decorated for a wedding. Note to self: Glass flower holders and candles in the aisle could be an OH&S issue – check with Diocesan insurance and my Churchwardens before attempting this.


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