The Vicar falls the first time


It had to happen when you spend your day looking through the lens of a camera. Just as I took this photo I stepped on something and whoops. I was distracted by the bath. Council pick-up day perhaps? Or for invisible horses? It was in this park that I saw my first Roman dog, actually a few dogs who we allowed off their leashes, despite the sign which even I could tell said this was a no-no. Still when in Rome – I would remember this propensity to ignore signs for later reference.

I thought of Duchess and hoped she was enjoying her own vacation. These dogs and their handlers (probably dog-walkers for some fabulously wealthy Duchess or barber) seemed oblivious to my presence and the park was otherwise empty. So tripping was no harm, no foul.

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    Join the ‘club’ ! Hope you didn’t really bite the dust !?

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