The Vicar falls the second time


Check out the crazy paving. Can’t imagine a chariot ride along this via. A bone-shaker. Glad I was wearing sensible flats, even then I could have gone in the ankle or fetlock. There are certainly plenty of sights to see in this section of the city as the preponderance of tourist coaches testifies. I will keep some of these aside for boring everyone with during one of my digital projector evenings (warning).

I did find myself at the circus Maximus. It appears that I must have missed the big top and elephants. However I was instructed by Fr Laurence to run around its course. This I did in slow motion. I can see why one has to actually walk on this surface.


The footpath was a circus all of its own.



    Yep! The cobble stones are lethal. Make Fed Square look ‘killer heel’ friendly ! However, I always love to ponder on who has wandered over them throughout all those years !?
    Fab photos !

  2. Josephine Heesh

    You will need new shoes when you return

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