Queen of the seas

Queen Mary 2 at Southampton.

A cruise to Hamburg for four nights.

Love my stateroom.

and my steward, Freddie.

Even a drink awaiting my arrival.

And a huge bathroom.

And spacious balcony.

Firstly there was the usual drill for the newly embarked. Seems there are quite a.few of us doing the Hamburg round trip.

No need to bring out life jackets this time.

I am dining in the Princess Grill with David & Shirley, Celia & John, and Judith at my table.

Delicious food.

Grilled peach. Yum.

Cheese plate and a Tokyo dessert win from Hungary.

And the kitchen surprised me with a birthday cake.

Following dinner there was a show in the theatre.

One brother played the ‘fiddle’ and the other the accordion. (They must hate their parents). They were good, but overly keen for the audience to clap along. That’s hard to sustain with a room full of people with short term memory loss, but is worked for 10 seconds or so each time.

On my first day at sea I enjoyed a little quiet time in our guest lounge, where I continued to struggle with poor internet connection.

An interesting talk by a retired international flight captain on the mystery of Malaysian 370. I think I’ve heard him speak on an earlier cruise.

The second night we enjoyed the cabaret evening –

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  1. Wonderful Queen Mary – great food and drink and no housework!

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