Chinatown London

I felt like some Chinese food for lunch, so I wandered to Chinatown. Probably not the best place to go as it was very touristy with photos of food on display outside. Yet I persevered.

I chose Lotus Garden who claimed as all-dat Dim Sum. It was quite a small shop and I wondered how they could get the Dim Sum trolleys to circulate. No problem – you order the plates from plastic covered menus by ticking the boxes on a form, pen supplied, and they just deliver it to you.

Allergies – no worries. Everything contains allergens.

The prawn toast was good. Everything else was inedible.

I decided I would get some glasses as I have been wearing sunnies with my old prescription in them and I thought fresh ones were in order.

I had to hav an eye test – all good. Glasses made while I wait. So much cheaper than at home (mostly). PS these are not the frames that I chose.

Haircut time.


  1. Sounds good. I had a crushed avo with hardboiled egg nd mayo.

  2. Paul

    Where lots of Chinese eat is usually the best. Also the biggest!
    We go with friends in Adelaide to jum cha sometimes, and they don’t have trolleys either.
    My Chinese pharmacist friend recommended one in Doncaster (can’t remeber the name now)
    I was potting at Central Park today and had time for a sausage roll. Beautiful spring day, 23 C.

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