The Russian Museum

Such a treasure trove of remarkable art, i won’t attempt to tell all about these remarkable works (other than to identify them where I can) but I learnt so much about Russian art history, it was cultural overload (in a good way).

The head for a sculpture of Peter the Great by Marie Anna Collot and Etienne Maurice Falconet in bronze. This was later cast in gypsum for the monument to Peter I by Falconet.

St George and the dragon with scenes from George’s life in the Novgorod style – 14th century.

Catherine the Great.

‘Christ and the adulteress’ by Vasily Polenov.

‘Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev with his nanny’ by Leon Baskt.

By Valentin Serov, ‘Portrait of Count Felix Sumarokov-Elstone’ later Prince Yusupov 1903 The man who shot Rasputin. Lived out his life in Hampstead, London.

New art come to Russia.

‘Black Square’, ‘Black Circle’ and ‘Black Cross’ by Kazimir Malevich 1923.

Sportsmen by Kazimir Malevich 1930-31

‘Coupling of forms of the human body’ by Boris Korolyov 1922.

‘Counter Reliefs’ by Vladimir Tatlin 1912.

Soviet art.

‘Workers’ by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1926

‘The mother of God of tenderness towards evil hearts’ by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1912

‘Parachute jump. Light blue version’ by Alexander Drevin 1932

‘Race’ by Alexander Deineka 1932-33

‘Young men (sailors)’ by Fyodor Bogorodsky 1932

‘Missileer’ by Boris Okorovsky 1968

‘Gymnasts in the USSR’ by Dmitry Zhilinsky 1964-65

‘Queue’ by Alexei Sundukov 1986

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  1. You deserve to be so enlightened about Russian art.

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