The dead centre – Novodevich

The New Maiden’s Convent (Novodevichy) was the place Tsars sent their former wife or sister either into seclusion (imprisonment) or to become a nun for the rest of their lives.

Smolensk Cathedral, built in 1525, (below) is in the Convent grounds and remains an active local church.

Adjacent to the Convent is a cemetery for illustrious figures of Russian society – artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, diplomats and political figures. It is an important place for the living (visitors) and the dead memorials).

A significant number of national hero’s and personalities are buried here and there is a constant stream of visitors. The map below indicated the graves of national significance and the long list of names identifying their burial place.

It is a well planned and well maintained cemetery with some remarkable and artistic headstones.

President Boris Yeltsin is buried here. His grave is in the colours of the Russian flag – white for the snow, blue for the rivers and seas, and red for the blood of the people.

President Nikita K grave (below)

And the popular Mrs Raisa Gorbachev.

Famous Moscow Circus clown Yuri Nikulin.

Playwright – Anton Chehov

Impresario – Konstantin Stanislavski, who produced Chekov’s plays.

Dmitri Shostakovich

Chesty Bond ??

I just took the two photos below because I liked the sculpture – Vladimir Mayakovsky

Sergei Prokofiev

Nikolai Gogol

Second cosmonaut in space – Gherman Titov.

Opera singer – Feodor Chaliapin

Feodor Chaliapin, as painted by Konstantin Korovin 1911 (Russian Gallery, St Petersburg).

Stalin’s first wife

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